INFIBRA TECHNOLOGIES provides a wide range of solutions for monitoring essential parameters in many industrial applications, with both Fiber Bragg Gratings and distributed fiber optic sensing technologies. From the sensors to the reading units, we designs reliable and customer tailored monitoring systems using proprietary fiber optic sensors technology as well as engineered solutions derived from our strong collaborations with industrial partners and research centers.
Both our distributed and punctual fiber optic sensors technologies are flexible by design allowing to use our monitoring systems as standalone solutions or integrated into complex control systems. Our proven optical technologies allow to address applications where fiber sensors provide unique advantages of accuracy and reliability, giving rise to the next generation of non-electrical sensing solutions.

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INFIBRA TECHNOLOGIES Srl is engaged in designing and manufacturing of next-generation fiber optic sensors systems, while also offering engineering services. Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Civil Engineering are our target markets, with solutions even suitable for harsh environments. Monitoring of temperature, vibration, deformation, or other chemical-physical parameters through a single optical fiber are our typical applications and FBGs, Raman, Brillouin and Rayleigh are our technologies.

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